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If RightFax is a critical part of your business operations, FaxPulse provides you with the essential tools for protecting and optimizing your system. 

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What makes FaxPulse different from other server monitoring solutions?

Part of what sets FaxPulse apart from generalized server monitoring software is that it operates as an automated third-party auditor, measuring system performance from a separate server. It monitors your system(s) even when it is unresponsive or experiencing an outage, meaning administrators always have a top-down view of what is happening within the fax infrastructure. 

Additionally, since FaxPulse was developed exclusively for RightFax administrators, it has powerful tools and metrics not found anywhere else, including 100+ monitors and metrics, perpetual data analytics and storage, and real-time notifications customizable to your administrative needs. 

How does FaxPulse reduce cost of ownership for RightFax?

Managing your RightFax system can be a costly venture and requires significant administrative overhead for testing, monitoring, planning, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more. If you rely on RightFax for business-critical processes, this administrative overhead can drastically increase cost of ownership. 

FaxPulse is designed to reduce that overhead by providing a powerful suite of predictive and analytical tools aimed at streamlining the core tasks that impact system performance. With fully automated system health management as well as intelligent analytics, it is an essential tool for organizations looking to maximize their investment in RightFax. 

Do we need a FaxPulse license for each RightFax system?

In short, no. FaxPulse operates as a single pane of glass software designed to help RightFax administrators automate their analytics and monitor key metrics on all of their servers – and all in one place. Each system license comes with four (4) SUID slots, and adding a new SUID is easy with our all-new Web Configurator tool. 

Does FaxPulse work with older versions of RightFax?

Yes. FaxPulse is compatible with most RightFax versions, so no matter the version your organization runs, it provides 100% functionality and automated features. For system requirements, please view the FaxPulse BI and FaxPulse MA requirements documents on this page. 

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FaxPulse is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for RightFax, offering a range of powerful features to optimize your fax communications. With FaxPulse, you can better manage and maintain your vital fax workflows for optimal performance and to meet critical business demands.

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