Automated Monitoring and Alerting for Streamlined RightFax Management 

FaxPulse MA eliminates manual tracking with 24/7 monitoring of over 100+ RightFax metrics and processes 

Automated Monitoring and Alerting for Streamlined RightFax Management 

FaxPulse MA eliminates manual tracking with 24/7 monitoring of over 100+ RightFax metrics and processes 


FaxPulse MA?

Proactive RightFax administration requires monitoring and protecting against dozens of potential points of failure, any of which can have a critical impact on system health and availability. Without automated RightFax monitoring, you may not be able to identify failures in real time or predict issues before they arise, even with extensive manual tracking. 

With intelligent, automated monitoring of every critical RightFax process, FaxPulse MA does the work of monitoring your system health across every server for you. Once configured, it serves as the ultimate system health engine, significantly reducing administrative tasks and overhead.


Automate RightFax System Health

Automatically detect fax system failures with advanced, automated monitoring of vital aspects, such as transmissions, conversions, storage, and more.

Slash Failure Response Times

Receive customizable real-time email alerts and early warnings for potential overloads or RightFax system outages for improved response times.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Improve overall RightFax system performance while reducing administrative workloads and recovery periods across your organization.

Automate your RightFax management with FaxPulse MA. 

Combine 100+ intelligent system monitors with predictive data tracking to automate your RightFax system health and performance management.

How FaxPulse Monitors Work 

RightFax systems cover an array of critical touch points, such as telecom, SQL, and countless third-party integrations, which can fail or cause system-wide errors at any given time. FaxPulse MA makes it easy to know when and where these failures occur, diagnosing system errors in real-time. This core functionality not only helps cut maintenance costs by reducing hours of manual monitoring but also penalty costs of chronic errors and down times. 

Monitors can be configured in minutes, and set up consists of three simple steps: Adding Monitors, Setting Customized Thresholds, and Personalizing Alert Patterns. 

RightFax Monitors

Automate over 100+ monitors for server metrics, RightFax services, and more, allowing teams to accelerate response times and focus on other crucial business processes.

Monitors for Every Critical Metric

Every monitor in your FaxPulse system is fully customizable, with distinct options that allow administrators to automate even the most complex tasks with ease, such as file route tracking and file storage management. 

Custom Thresholds

Configure distinct values or volumes for every system monitor and remove the need for manual tracking with custom alerting any time a value goes beyond the designated threshold.

Why Thresholds?

Customizable thresholds allow your FaxPulse system to be personalized to your usage trends and data, meaning you only receive alerts when errors occur or when something is out of the ordinary for your specific usage needs. 

Personalized Alerts

Customize your automated monitoring experience and stay informed of real-time changes in RightFax system health with the all-new Alert Groups and Alert Schedules features.

Alert Preferences

The all-new Alert Groups and Schedules features allow administrators to automate custom email group alerts for failure notifications and resolution emails (optional) for each individual monitor in FaxPulse MA. 

Reduce management workload and overhead costs. 

FaxPulse MA was built exclusively for RightFax administrators looking to streamline system maintenance and reduce cost of ownership. Its powerful data retrieval capabilities and consolidated monitoring systems make real-time knowledge of system errors and potential points of failure simple. 

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