Business Intelligence

FaxPulse Business Intelligence (BI) is an exclusive add-on software for RightFax, providing aggregated data
in intuitive dashboards.

Easily View Critical System Information

FaxPulse BI provides a single portal to give system administrators the ability to easily view critical information on the state of your RightFax environments, services, and the inbound and outbound fax traffic the systems process.

With advanced analytics and monitoring, system administrators can:

  • Isolate persistent fax delivery failures so fax address databases can be updated and maintained
  • Maximize usage of RightFax fax channels and system resources for inbound and outbound fax processing
  • Identify system issues, in near real-time, and resolve them quickly
  • Help prevent missed inbound faxes and outbound fax processing bottlenecks in order to meet service level agreements

Actional Data into Critical Fax Processes

To address and optimize internal workflows, organizations need actionable data for mission-critical fax processes.

FaxPulse gives system adminstrators the data analytics they need to:

  • Easily view channel usage to analyze periods of peak activity and performance trends
  • Extend RightFax reporting capabilities with the ability to export results to Excel with one simple click.
  • Determine failure reasons and evaluate chronic errors for failed faxes

Track and act on critical fax data points, by bringing together your data and RightFax system, all in one place.

Understand the State of your RightFax System

Deploying RightFax helped your business save time and money and streamline document handling processes. If your organization still uses fax, it’s is clear this communication method is still critical to the business and the people you communicate with.

With FaxPulse, system admins can configure custom error and warning thresholds to reflect your systems traffic levels, and receive email alerts when something looks amiss.

FaxPulse is able to track:

  • Queued Faxes
  • Work Requests
  • In Process Faxes
  • Drive Space for your Image Directory
  • Server CPU Usage
  • Active Channels (Last Hour)
  • RightFax Service Status Across your Entire System


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