Analyze RightFax Metadata in a Single Pane of Glass to Reduce Administrative Overhead

Identify and resolve critical fax issues quickly with an advanced suite of dashboards and tools for RightFax

Analyze RightFax Metadata in a Single Pane of Glass to Reduce Administrative Overhead

Identify and resolve critical fax issues quickly with an advanced suite of dashboards and tools for RightFax


FaxPulse BI?

Your organization relies on the enterprise functionality of RightFax, but managing a large system can be costly and require significant administrative overhead. From manually troubleshooting unknown fax errors to spendings hours resolving potential outages, key staff can become burdened with the administrative maintenance of your RightFax systems.

Built by the RightFax experts, FaxPulse BI offers a powerful set of analytics and monitoring tools that reduces the amount of manual data analysis required by staff. Its ability to isolate persistent fax delivery failures, identify patterns, and uncover opportunities for fax workflow optimization helps improve the operational efficiency of your systems while lowering the overall total cost of ownership. This means you can do more with less and keep your critical staff focused on more important tasks.


Accelerate Resolution of Fax Errors 

Quickly isolate persistent fax delivery failures so fax address databases can be updated and maintained to reduce costly errors.

Make Results with Actionable Insights 

Analyze critical historical information, identify fax trends, and utilize the data for capacity planning and architecture optimization, ensuring efficient and effective fax system planning.

Identify Costly Fax Processing Issues 

Help prevent missed inbound faxes and outbound fax processing bottlenecks, ensuring compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) and avoiding potential fines.

Improve ROI with Smarter Insights

Maximize the usage of RightFax system resources by gaining a comprehensive understanding of system usage patterns and making informed decisions to enhance fax processing efficiency.

Speed Up Root Cause Analysis  

Expedite the discovery of the root causes of potential system outages or chronic fax errors and reduce manual reporting time during interrupted communication services.

Real-Time Insights into your RightFax Systems

By utilizing FaxPulse BI’s advanced functionality, organizations can optimize their RightFax system performance without the need for significant manual reporting, maintain uninterrupted fax communication, and ensure efficient business processes. 
Fax communication remains a critical aspect of your business and being able to quickly understand the state of your RightFax system is essential to reducing costly errors. With FaxPulse, organizations can leverage: 
  Swift Issue Resolution: With near real-time visibility, enable administrators to quickly identify and resolve RightFax system issues, eliminating the risk of missed inbound faxes and addressing outbound fax processing bottlenecks promptly.
  Actionable Fax Data: Gain in-depth insights into your RightFax system’s performance by analyzing key metrics, such as fax volume and processing times, to make informed decisions and optimize your fax communication infrastructure.
  Advanced Fax Number Management: Identify “trouble” fax numbers, fax numbers and devices that experience a higher-than-normal failure rate, and remove them from your fax address database 

Meet the Dashboards: Advanced Routine & Exploratory Analysis

FaxPulse BI offers a series of powerful dashboards for comprehensive analysis and insights into your RightFax system. It enables administrators to quickly perform both routine and exploratory analysis, allowing them to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to enhance the efficiency of critical fax workflows.

Here’s how it can help:

Automated System Monitoring

By analyzing routine fax data, administrators can more quickly perform daily checks on fax volume compared to previous periods in time, breakdown weekly fax failure rates, and identify trends for channel utilization.

This information helps administrators identify any potential bottlenecks and ensure your organization has appropriately sized your RightFax system.

Issue Identification and Resolution

In the event of a system outage, exploratory analysis of fax data allows administrators to quickly identify specific issues or anomalies. They can uncover patterns or recurring errors that may be affecting the fax communication process.

With this knowledge, administrators can promptly address these issues, minimizing downtime, and ensuring uninterrupted fax communication.

Capacity Planning and Resource Allocation

By warehousing fax data over a longer period, administrators can use FaxPulse BI to identify patterns and trends in fax usage, including determining if there are any faulty fax numbers.

This proactive approach helps in capacity planning and resource allocation. Administrators can determine peak usage periods, automate phonebook reviews, and reallocate resources such as reclaiming unused DIDs. Plus, the burden of warehousing data is lifted from your RightFax system, helping to prevent a slow and error prone fax system.

Compliance and ROI

Routine analysis of fax data helps administrators ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and SLAs.

This enables them to monitor and track fax transmissions to ensure sensitive information is being transmitted as expected, reducing the chance of costly fines.

Overall, routine and exploratory analysis of fax data empowers administrators to identify and resolve issues with less manual intervention and plan capacity effectively, improving the overall ROI of your RightFax system.

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