Automate Inbound Availability Testing for RightFax

FaxPulse AI helps reduce costly inbound fax failures and busy signals with 24/7 testing and alerting

Automate Inbound Availability Testing for RightFax

FaxPulse AI helps reduce costly inbound fax failures and busy signals with 24/7 testing and alerting


FaxPulse AI?

Knowing that your RightFax system is available to inbound traffic requires scheduling rigorous testing and careful monitoring. With 24/7 inbound testing and real-time alerting, FaxPulse AI automates those critical tasks to ensure your RightFax system can receive business critical documents. In short, FaxPulse AI gives administrators a tool for streamlining their RightFax management and reducing overall RightFax management costs. 

FaxPulse AI works by sending scheduled Pulses to your server(s) and tracking successful transmissions. If any issues are detected, administrators receive immediate email notifications so they can address issues quickly and accurately. 


Eliminate Manual Testing

Fully automate your inbound availability testing with easily customizable scheduled Pulse testing around the clock.


Verify Inbound Availability

Know your inbound fax traffic lines are operational to external partners, customers, and inter-departmental communications.

Improve Recovery Times

Get real-time alerts when Pulse tests fail to improve your error response time and decrease outages, busy signals, and more.

RightFax Inbound Testing Made Easy 

Inbound fax errors and busy signals can cause costly down times and interfere with SLAs, creating serious problems for organizations that rely heavily on RightFax for their business processes. 

With its unique automated testing features, FaxPulse AI helps protect your RightFax system from these costly inbound failures and busy signals with 24/7 monitoring and real-time transmission failure notifications right to your inbox. 

How FaxPulse AI Works

Automate Pulse Testing

FaxPulse AI generates Pulses on a configurable schedule which test whether external faxes can reach your RightFax system(s). These Pulses are QR coded faxes which allow FaxPulse to test for inbound availability throughout the fax journey, from entering the RightFax system until their final storage destination. 

This 24/7 testing allows administrators to easily verify their inbound availability at any point of the day or in retrospect without utilizing staff hours to schedule manual tests or verify busy signals are not occurring in the telephony. 

Real-Time Alerting 

FaxPulse AI’s automated Pulse testing provides detailed data surrounding inbound availability, including when a Pulse reaches the RightFax server. When it doesn’t go through, administrators are immediately alerted to a potential outage or busy signal. 

These alerts ensure that RightFax administrators do not have to manually monitor and test the system, allowing for efficient use of technical resources. 

Advanced Check

FaxPulse AI’s newest feature, Advanced Check, takes automated inbound testing to the next level by providing in-depth analysis of fax routing and inbound workflow availability. It can alert administrators to inbound errors occurring throughout the fax lifecycle, including email and file storage. 

Inbound Monitoring and Testing Done for You 

Built exclusively for RightFax, FaxPulse AI is an essential part of keeping your system available for external communications. With advanced testing features and automated Pulse configurations, it simplifies inbound monitoring and maintenance, so administrators can streamline system management tasks. 

FaxPulse AI allows administrators to:

✓ Improve inbound failure response time and accuracy

Enhance compliance with regulations and SLAs 

Reallocate maintenance resources 

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