FaxPulse Automated Inbound Monitoring (AI) is an exclusive service for RightFax, providing assurances to RightFax Administrators that their system is available to receive faxes.

Implement Automated Inbound Monitoring for RightFax

Automated Inbound Faxing Alerts

Based on your specified frequency, FaxPulse AI will transmit a single page fax or “Pulse” to a given DID.

Each Pulse is tracked and FaxPulse AI notifies administrators should the Pulse attempt fail.

By monitoring your inbound faxes with FaxPulse AI, you can rest assured knowing that your RightFax system is available to receive faxes. FaxPulse AI will work around the clock to ensure your incoming faxes are being received properly.

Insight into Inbound
Fax Availability

It may look like your RightFax system is running fine, but inbound faxing errors may be hidden in plain-sight.

Leverage FaxPulse AI to:

  • Verify successful transmission of inbound Pulses
  • Receive immediate notifications in the event of Pulse transmission error.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure your incoming Pulses are being received properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our the most frequently asked questions
for FaxPulse AI:

How often can I schedule "Pulses"?

You can opt to have the following intervals:

  • Once per day
  • Every 2 hours
  • Every 1 hours
  • Ever 15 minutes

Can I send Pulses to multiple DIDs?

Yes, many customers choose to send pulses to multiple DIDs, ensuring that all segments of the RightFax infrastructure are working as expected.

What is a "Lights-On Pulse"

A Lights-On Pulse is a once a day Pulse that is sent to you administrative team notifying them should the Pulse fail.

When do I receive an alert email?

Most customers choose to receive an alert email only when a Pulse fails, but you can receive an alert email for every Pulse that is sent.

Is this the same product as FaxPulse BI?

No, FaxPulse BI provides advanced analytics and internal RightFax system monitoring. FaxPulse AI focuses on delivering inbound Pulse status to your admin team. In conjunction, these products will provide you with a complete view of your RightFax system.

Privacy Policy

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