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FaxPulse Business Intelligence has more than 50 different metrics on the system health, volume, and usage of your RightFax system.

RightFax Analytics

Cut down on transmission failures by identifying invalid fax numbers and export your results to Excel with one simple click.
Identify peak transmission periods, top fax users, trends in fax volume and root causes for most issues.
Extend your RightFax reporting capabilities without writing any more custom SQL queries.
FaxPulse gives RightFax administrators the ability to easily view and understand channel usage, fax conversion processing, peak fax periods, identify chronic fax errors, and helps with understanding the overall health of the RightFax system(s) and fax communications services.

This new release includes expanded metrics and new monitors to give you deeper insight into your RightFax engine.

RightFax Monitoring & Alerting

Real-time monitors keep a watchful eye on over 50 different data points and work across multiple RightFax servers.
Error and warning thresholds can be configured to reflect your systems traffic levels.
Email alerts can be generated whenever a metric exceeds the configured thresholds.

FaxPulse watches your RightFax system(s) and lets you know whenever it looks like there is a problem. You can set custom thresholds for each one of the metrics, and FaxPulse will send you an email alert when something looks amiss. FaxPulse is able to track queued faxes and work requests, server CPU usage and drive space for your image directory. Channel usage and RightFax service status across your entire system are watched.

In the latest version of FaxPulse, we have added traffic monitors that allow you to watch the volume of traffic for different RightFax accounts, track fax status, and ensure your system is processing faxes.

New Features

The most powerful analytics and monitoring engine for RightFax, this new FaxPulse release includes expanded metrics and new monitors to give you deeper insight into your RightFax engine. Learn how the new features FaxPulse will help you discover potential issues with your RightFax system, before they become problems. New features include:

RightFax Connect Usage Dashboard

User Account Reports

Trend Fax Volume Over Time

Monitor Traffic Load

Your Business Intelligence Solution

If RightFax is essential for your organization, FaxPulse is the most comprehensive enterprise solution available for monitoring and reporting on your fax communications in a customizable, secure way that meets compliance standards.

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