FP Suite (V2)
RightFax Analytics, Monitoring, and Alerting Made Easy

FaxPulse does monitoring, error detection, and business intelligence for you – so you can keep your RightFax systems online and your users happy.

✔ Warehouse critical fax data for system capacity savings

✔ Reduce manual testing and metrics tracking

✔ Quickly view RightFax KPIs in one window

FP BI (V2)
The Most Powerful Analytics Engine for RightFax

FaxPulse BI provides critical insight into RightFax system performance with interactive dashboards that present trends and actionable data points.

✔ Quickly view RightFax KPIs in one window

✔ Warehouse critical fax data for system capacity savings

✔ Export reports efficiently with historical metadata

FP MA (V2)
The Essential Monitoring & Alerting Add-on For RightFax

FaxPulse MA tracks over 100+ RightFax metrics to help resolve potential issues before they impact your organization.

✔ Automate RightFax system(s) monitoring

✔ Reduce manual testing and metrics tracking

✔ Improve response times with real-time alerts

FP AI (V2)
Receive Immediate Notification of Inbound Fax Errors

By monitoring your inbound faxes with FaxPulse AI, you can rest assured knowing that your RightFax system is available to receive faxes.

✔ Automate 24/7 inbound availability testing

✔ Eliminate manual testing and monitoring

✔ Decrease busy signals and SLA breaches

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RightFax Analytics, Monitoring, and Alerting Made Easy

FaxPulse does monitoring, error detection, and business intelligence for you – so you can keep your RightFax systems online and your users happy.

RightFax monitoring and analytics done for you.

FaxPulse takes the manual work of RightFax system management and automates it with a powerful suite of predictive and analytical tools aimed at streamlining the core tasks that impact system performance.

With real-time alerting and robust fax data analytics, administrative teams can cut overall operational costs associated with managing their RightFax server system(s). Our suite of tools include:

Advanced Business Insights

Cut routine analysis time in half with the all-new Tactical dashboard and analyze data trends in perpetuity for optimized performance and improved business planning.

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Automated Monitoring and Alerting

Protect against costly outages and predict possible points of failure with automated monitoring of every fax transmission and RightFax process with real-time email alerts.

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24/7 Inbound Availability Testing

Eliminate manual testing and reduce SLA fines with automated Pulse tests to ensure your RightFax system is always available to external fax traffic.

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Engineered for peace of mind.

With all-new dashboards and over 100 fax monitors, FaxPulse simplifies RightFax system maintenance so you can improve error response times and decrease overall management costs and workloads. Whether you operate on 12 channels or 100, our suite of tools can significantly improve RightFax performance and efficacy.

Unique features and benefits:

Work with RightFax experts. FaxPulse was designed exclusively for RightFax, so our expert support staff know the ins and outs of your maintenance needs.

Access from anywhere. FaxPulse 2023 is 100% web-based, so your team can leverage its powerful suite of tools wherever they work.
Deploy in virtually any environment. Deploy in virtually any environment. FaxPulse is easy to deploy in most server environments and is compatible with most RightFax versions. 

Single pane of glass analytics for optimized system performance

With all-new dashboards and improved data capabilities, FaxPulse BI makes KPI monitoring simple and efficient. With this solution, administrators can:

 Reduce data analytics workload with advanced data retrieval

 Access daily RightFax KPIS quickly and accurately

Explore causes of failures and chronic system overloads

Replace faulty numbers and reclaim unused DIDs 

Analyze fax trends for capacity and system architecture planning 

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Automated RightFax monitoring for real-time error detection and predictive management

With metrics tracking across every system and fax transmission, FaxPulse MA does the work of monitoring and detection for you. With this solution, administrators can:

 Automate system health and performance monitoring

 Avoid costly system errors and downtimes

Receive custom alerts for errors and resolutions  

Customize data thresholds and group alert patterns

Maximize system maintenance and overall health

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24/7 automated monitoring of inbound fax availability for RightFax enterprise

Eliminate manual testing for good with 24/7 inbound availability testing and alerting. With this solution, administrators can:

Decrease inbound monitoring workload

 Avoid busy signals and SLA-related fines

Automate inbound availability testing

Receive real-time notifications when transmission errors occur 

Verify inbound fax routing success with Advanced Check 

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Advanced protection, efficiency, and cost savings.

FaxPulse gives your team the most advanced automated monitoring and analytics tools yet. With endless personalization options, powerful data retrieval, and highly accessible visualizations, FaxPulse provides an efficient and cost-effective automated support engine for systems of all sizes.

Speak with one of our experts to learn all the ways FaxPulse can help you maximize performance and increase response times to reach your business goals.

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FaxPulse is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for RightFax, offering a range of powerful features to optimize your fax communications. With FaxPulse, you can better manage and maintain your vital fax workflows for optimal performance and to meet critical business demands.

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